Airport & Nas

Airport and NAS Facilities Support

Applied Environmental has completed projects within airport and air traffic control facilities, both as the prime contractor and as a subcontractor, throughout the US , Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Guam.  We offer a staff of Air Operations Area (AOA)-cleared personnel and AOA-approved vehicles. Applied Environmental personnel are cleared to work within Security Identification Display Areas (SIDA) within airport facilities, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic control towers (ATCT), and air route traffic control centers (ARTCC) nationwide. As a result, our firm offers a working knowledge of the highly critical security and operational aspects of airport facilities and control centers.

For the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, we have provided fast-response jet fuel spill sampling, comprehensive hazardous materials surveys, indoor air quality assessments, and long-term environmental sampling. As a subcontractor to the FAA, we have worked as the team lead for the Environmental, Energy, and Safety Division (AFZ-800) in the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) program.

Airport and NAS facilities support services include the following:

  • Broad-based occupational and environmental health and safety consultations
  • Indoor air quality and microbial contamination investigations

  • Management of underground storage tank removal and site remediations

  • OSHA/EPA compliance audits

  • Industrial hygiene air monitoring and exposure evaluations
  • Facility inspections for hazardous materials

  • Pollution prevention plans

  • Remediation design and project monitoring services for hazardous materials abatement

  • Lead in drinking water testing

  • Radon testing and remediation design
  • Safety, health, and environmental training

  • Indoor air quality and microbial contamination investigations
  • OSHA/EPA compliance training

  • Noise, non-ionizing radiation, and electromagnetic field exposure measurements

  • Phase I environmental site assessments